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7 Ways to Make Shopping for a Car More Fun

Some people consider car shopping to be a stressful experience, or at least not a very fun one. They dread having to go pick out a vehicle, talk to a salesperson, and complete paperwork. But it doesn’t...

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Why You Should Reconsider Buying That Cheap Car

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, the price will inevitably be one of your main concerns. If one of the natural solutions for you is to go on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, sort their available cars by...

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How to Choose Between Two Cars When You Like Both

Picking a vehicle you want to buy is tricky enough for most people. But sometimes it’s even worse; when you come across two vehicles and you fall in love with both of them. You could always flip a coin to help...

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How to Buy a Car From Another State

While most people stay within their own state when they buy a new or used vehicle, some people, because of their proximity to another state, or because of a great deal that they come across, want to buy a vehicle from...

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5 Warning Signs That Your Vehicle Needs Maintenance

It’s easy to take our vehicles for granted. After you’ve driven thousands of miles without even the slightest problem, what’s the worst that could happen after your vehicle indicates something might...

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7 Things to Avoid Doing When Shopping for a Car

Lots of people have great (and not so great) advice on what you should do when shopping for a vehicle. There are countless articles dedicated to searching for, and getting the best deal on a new or used car or...

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